How I Started Making Money Online

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I first started back with Domains when Tom Brady won his first Super Bowl. I was looking to make extra money and while watching the game with my friends. Then, it came on. Godaddy’s Sexy Commercial. But, what the hell was So, on Monday morning I checked it out. After 2 months of looking into Domains I began buying a few and selling them.

I came across a seller on Ebay that was selling 20-25 domains a day on Ebay. I reviewed his feedback for one month and found that he sold over 320 domains on Ebay. WOW

So I did some math.

He bought 320 Domains at $9 = $2,800
He totaled for one Month worth of Sales = $7,234
His Ebay Fees had to be around 10% of his Sales which is = 723
His Paypal Fees had to be around 10% of his Sales which is = 723
So his total expense was around = $ 4,300
And if his Sales were = $ 7,234

Then he made = $ 3,000 Not Bad for a side job that takes 2-3 hours a day at most.

I started Flipping Domains on Ebay all the time. Last year I made over $10,000 in profits.

Domains are the key to the internet. Without a Domain you cannot view a Website, Blog, News Article etc… Domains will never go away. Their will always be a need for new domains related to housing, markets, economy, social marketing, etc

Their will always be money in domains whether it’s Flipping Domains, Parking Domains, Selling them for Future Investments, Starting a Website or Blog.

Last side Note, The reason why domaining is the Best Online Business:

Low Cost
No Shipping – Domains are transferred Electronically
Huge Market
Unlimited Possibilities
Millions of Avenues


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March 10, 2009 at 2:05 pm

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