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Before we begin you need the four following things. All of these are free to join:

1. ~ Godaddy is used so that you can transfer domains without wanting 90 days.

2. ~ Online secure method of accepting payments and transferring funds.

3. ~ You need a ebay account to sell domains.

4. ~ Needed for earning commission off of the domains you purchase.



Step 1 ~ Understanding the need for domains

A domain name is needed to provide information and services on the internet.  A domain name is a web address as in Having the right domain name is the most important thing.  The value of a domain depends on its keywords, the length, the extension and popularity of the name.

For example: if you registered years ago you would be a millionaire, Why? Well years ago 4 letter domains B L O G was not popular and the word BLOG had no meaning. Then someone invented what we calling BLOGS today and picked this name.  When products are released, when movie names come out and when someone becomes a celebrity there are domainers sitting at their computers registered that products or persons name. There is massive amount of money in domains.  The key is to stay away from the garbage. The more you learn about domains the more you learn what garbage is.

The internet is the future. Domains are needed for Website, Blogs, News and Business. Domains are the Future.


Step 2Understanding the concept of Selling Domains on

When I original studied domaining on ebay I learned thru trial and error that to make a decent profit you need to sell in bulk. Meaning you cannot sell one or two domains, buy you need to sell hundreds. It’s what I call Flipping Domains.  The system that I use is to buy domains in bulk and get a discount on the domains you purchase from then use the affiliate website to get and additional discount on the domains I purchase.  The I sell anywhere from 40 – 60 domains on ebay and after a week I pay my ebay fees, by another 40-60 domains and pocket the cash I earned.  


Here is an example when buying 50 domains:

50 Domains Bought  50 X $ 9.99 = $500 

è 50 Domains with 10% off Coupon code  50 – 10 % of $500 = $450

è 50 Domains with additional 20% from  $450 / 20 %= $360

So for the cost of $360 you will get 50 domains which works out to $ 7.20 a domain.


Here is an example when selling 50 domains:

50 Domains sold on Ebay that sell for an average of $ 15 dollars each is 50 Domains X $15 = $ 750

è Ebay Fees are around 10% of sale $ 750 X 10% = $ 75 in Ebay Fees

è Paypal Fees are around 5 % of sales $ 750 X 5 % = $40 in Paypal Fees

è Total Fees are $115 with earnings of $750

After you sold all 50 domains you would have a total return of $ 635.00 on your ebay sales and $ 90 commission from the domain you purchased thru your account giving you a grand total of $ 725.00 in profit on 50 domains.

I used this system back in 2007 and made over $10,000 during the year. My best month was July 2007 where I made over $3,500 dollars that month. I major domainer was driving up my sales on ebay that month.

Once you perfect this idea you will put in 1 to 2 hours a day max.


Most Important: 

·         You only make good money on good domains

·         Ebay can be a hit or miss, a domain you think should sell for a hundred could be sold for $ 5, and vise versa.

I will go into more detail as you continue thru this information


Step 3 ~ Finding the right domain names

The key to your success is in the domain names you are selling.  A Domain can make $ 1 or a Million Dollars, on ebay you are hopeful to make double on your domain. Some domains can sell for over $100 dollars and a rare few hit a couple of hundred. So what domains are we going to sell on ebay?


·         Two Word Domains – Example  ( Nice and Quote )

·         Only the .COM ext  –  Extensions are .com, .net, .org ext.. We will only sell .com’s since there more in demand and valuable

·         NO Dashes or Slashes in the Name –   Example of what not to buy   ( Only Letters – No Numbers or Characters )

·         Short Names – A name like ex. is better than


For a better idea here are some examples of good domains and what they have sold for: – Sold for $613VIEW THE SALE – Sold for $320VIEW THE SALE – Sold for $255VIEW THE SALE – Sold for $201VIEW THE SALE – Sold for $154VIEW THE SALE – Sold for $153VIEW THE SALE – Sold for $132VIEW THE SALE


Three letter domain names can sell for good money, as you see here. The most important thing is for the domain to have a meaning and a market.  Ex. is a great name, because for a two word domain all the different variations have all ready been registered. This was a steal of a name.


Step 4 ~ Where to Find Good Domains

There are few ways of finding good domains and I will cover both in detail. Remember the key to your success depends on the names you register.

1.    Expired Domains –  These are domains that get put back into the population for anyone to grab and registrar again.  Most of these names are garbage, but some of them are where you find the names like and  The best free service for finding these domains are and . A paid service that is very good is  I recommend sticking with only these lists. Their sites are put together nicely and are updated daily.


2.    Backorder Service – I do not recommend using a backorder service if you are going to flip domains, but if you what high value domains by backordering you will have a better chance of making more money on a domain in the long term.  Domain Flipping is by quick sell quick. When backordering you use a service like and www. and buy domains that cost at least $ 60 to start and you must wait 90 days before they transfer ownership over to you.  The names here are premium names and could be sold for thousands of dollars.


3.  Hand Registrations – A hand registration is a name that you registrar that has not been registered before. Example when Angelina Jolie and Brat Pitt started dating, I bought the domain and flipped it on ebay. I sold for $253 dollars. Not bad for a $7 investment. Another one I was almost going to hand regged was, this had massive appeal but you need to stay away from domains like this.  Simple because of copyright issues. Circuit City owns a copyright to the name Circuit City. If you register this name and they find out, they simple check the database and they have all of your information. Then you get a lawsuit.  Lawsuits are extremely rare, but I have lost the right to a domain and been out of the reg money from copyright issues.

My suggestion is that the bulk of your time should be looking for great domains. Write them down and save them. You will also come across good names. If you feel that you might have stumble upon a gem then buy it and don’t wait.


Step 5 ~ How to Purchase your Domains

Ok, so now you have a list of domains that are available and that you want to purchase and resell on ebay.  First you need to be approved by the godaddy affiliate program in your account.  You should be approved instantly.  Once approved you need to copy one of their ad links and paste it in a HTML document on your website. If you do not have a website, sign up for a free blog at and add it there.


Once you publish your link you MUST visit your website or blog where you published the link and CLICK ON THE LINK which will direct you to  

IF YOU DO NOT DUE THIS YOU WILL NOT GET 20% COMMISSION. Simple go to the bulk domain section and begin to purchase your domains. You do not need to purchase any additional items that godaddy offers.

Now, when you are at the checkout section you must enter the following coupon code which I found over 4 years ago. It still active and gives you 10% off any .com purchase at godaddy. Please enter the following code “ cjcwinner “. You will see the deduction in the price which will reflect 10%. That is the price you need to pay for the domains. Simple complete the checkout.

Wait about 1 hour and log into your account and you will see the money you earned from buy the domains in your account.


Step 6 ~ How to create an Ebay Auction

There are three aspects to a Good Auction

·         Catchy Title and Description

·         Colorful Images

·         Keep and Short and Simple

Here is an example of one of my auction pages:


As you can see from the auction I have a catchy title and a colorful photo. This will grab a viewers eye. You must also make sure that you have the following items in your auction page.

·         The word domain in the title

·         The full domain name in the title

·         The register company and when the domain expires

·         Your payment terms – Paypal only

·         Your terms of agreement


Use the following Ebay category to list your item

Listed in category: 

Computers & Networking > Web Domains & Services > Domain Names > .com


Step 6  ~ Transferring Domains to Winning Bidders

In my ebay auction you will see some information in the terms that request for the winning bidder to supply their godaddy email address and login information. This is the information you need to transfer to domain from your account to theirs.

Once you have that information simply log into your account.  Go To My Domains. Click on the domain or domains you want to transfer.

Now select “ Account Change”

Simply fill out the information from what your customer supply and select ok. Follow the remainder of the instructions until you receive an email that the domain has been transferred.


What happens is that godaddy sends a email request to your customer advising them that they need to accept the domain so that the transfer is complete. Once they complete the transfer godaddy sends you a confirmation email. If your customer ever states they did not receive the request you need to check the login and email address that they supplied you and confirm that information is correct.

I believe the transfer stays active for 15 days after which if your customer does not accept the domain the transfer request is cancelled and a new one needs to be sent.


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February 5, 2009 at 7:11 pm

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